Woodsetton Secret Picture Curios (Peeps)


Peep Collectables are unique to Woodsetton and make a truly unusual gift and a delightful keepsake.


Each item contains a secret picture (Peep) with a selection of people, places, events and verses (e.g.marriage vows, Lords Prayer etc) to choose from. The picture can be found by locating and placing your eye next to the black disk where, when peering through the tiny hole, you will find a magnified image of your chosen picture.


We have a lovely selection of Desktop Accessories and Curios including letter knives, magnifying glasses and dip pens, and for Weddings, Baptisms or celebrating the birth of a child, there are baptism spoons, fairies or a crucifix.


You can order any picture from those shown in the 'Peep Views' page which you can find in the menu above, or by clicking here, though only a small selection are shown in the drop down menus.  For ordering and postage information, please see below>>


Desktop Accessories & Curios

Wedding, Baptism & Nursery Peeps


To Order your Gift


Alongside each collectable gift below you will find a sample of a popular peep, and also a selection of other views in the drop down menu.  When ordering your gift, first select the Design, then select the Peep View to go inside.  If the view you want is not listed, just select 'Other View' and enter the name of the view you have chosen.  You can see the range of available pictures on the 'Peep Views' tab above.


You can buy products directly using PayPal, just click on the 'Add to basket' drop down menu below the product you want.  This will take you to our secure PayPal site where you can see the details of the products you have ordered and you can  change your order before finalising payment.  If you want to add more products to your order, simply click the 'Continue Shopping' button to come back to this page.  If you prefer, you can order by calling us or completing the enquiry form  on the 'Contact Us' page.




Woodsetton gifts are sent first class via Royal Mail within the United Kingdom and Ireland. If you prefer to use the 'Royal Mail Signed For' service, or if you are not in the UK, please call us for details of postage charges or order using the enquiry form on the 'Contact Us' page.